Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Advantages of Using a Learning Management System

Albert Einstein once said,"Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it." The Internet has made learning materials available 24 hours a day, turning all information seekers into learners. E-learning development software is increasingly being used in the market today, but it will not be actually replacing conventional modes of learning. Instead, it will help to create a platform that would make the process of learning wholesome.
There are many advantages of getting e-learning solutions from companies. These solutions help to deploy training faster, by creating content within weeks and publishing it soon for widespread access. Mobile learning can be conducted through various platforms, such as Symbian, Android, iOS and Blackberry OS, such that training can be imparted on the move, irrespective of the location. Powerful tools can be used to promote sessions, courses and curriculum, to maximize training attendance.
Two models of e-learning can be considered here- one of them brings learners in front of their computers at a specific time, to interact with their instructors. It is more similar to conventional classroom teaching, where the instructor uses virtual blackboards to elaborate concepts and clears doubts via chat. This is a synchronous model of learning. The other model is asynchronous, where learners can choose their own time. This lends flexibility to the process of learning, and students are permitted to access recorded lectures, in audio and video form.
Students in asynchronous kind of online learning are permitted to access the recorded videos and audios for lectures. In fact, a learner also gets personalized attention, through this model.
Using e-learning development software, community-based learning can be facilitated. One can learn a lot from other individual learners, through modes of discussion and interaction. This makes the online form of education more cost-effective, instead of only attending regular classes.
An effective learning management system (LMS) ensures that people do not learn just for the sake of learning, but do so to close skill and competency gaps. They do not just improve the contribution of an employee in a current role, but also prepare him for a future role. The organization will also be able to monitor progress of employees through LMS tools.


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